About Us

Since 1995, IDD Consultants, LLC (formerly TLS) has provided performance gap analysis, instructional design and development, technical writing, project management, and learning facilitation to multiple businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond.  We have grown with the ever-changing adult learning industry, offering blended solutions from traditional instructor-led learning to video-based learning to multiple eLearning options and programs. 

As demand for on target, effective learning grows, we continue to establish and cultivate productive relationships with a network of independent, experienced learning consultants while still holding true to the principles that have guided us for over 20 years.
Our Principles
  • We provide a comprehensive analysis of your performance issue, considering all relevant factors and logistics before making any recommendations - resulting in more effective, customized learning.
  • We partner with experienced, professional designers, project managers, and facilitators to produce high quality, competitively-priced learning solutions for our clients.
  • We offer a flexible workforce, able to quickly respond to your learning need by scaling up or down as appropriate.
  • We respect your timelines and budgets, as demonstrated by a twenty-year track record of accountability for our project estimates.
The IDD Consultant Team
Joanne Kenzleiter, Founder and Owner of IDD Consultants, LLC, has over 25 years of experience in instructional design and development.  Joanne is primarily responsible for developing the strategic business plan, overseeing the administration and financial operations of the firm's proprietary methodologies, and managing projects to stay engaged and continually grow the business.
Laura Blake, Independent Consultant, has over 14 years of experience in instructional design and facilitation. She is a creative and collaborative training specialist, skilled in designing learning solutions and delivering key concepts for her clients. Laura has extensive knowledge of the financial services industry resulting from 18 years of experience at a Midwestern commercial bank.
Rita Boswell, Independent Consultant, has been an instructional designer and project manager for 10 years.  She has an established track record of providing successful learning solutions for financial services clients across all business lines.  Rita's strengths include organization, time management, and an in-depth understanding of the industry resulting from 15 years of experience at a large Midwestern commercial bank.
Debbie Edwards, Independent Consultant, specializes in editing and instructional design, and is also an experienced writer and teacher who has developed successful learning solutions in a wide variety of learning environments. Debbie's background includes 10 years as a part-time faculty member in the English Department at the University of Pittsburgh.
Ashley Glaub, Independent Consultant, has been an organizational change management and learning and development consultant for 8 years.  She has led transformational approaches to learning for financial services clients, using her MSM in Change Management to design and develop change management vision, plans, objectives, strategy, and action for various clients across multiple industries. Ashley is skilled at people management strategy, alternative instructional design methodologies, and project management. 
Debbie Mathues, Independent Consultant, is an accomplished project management and training professional with an extensive background in leadership, management, organizational development, experiential learning and process improvement.  Debbie's strengths include her hands-on, proactive approach to problem solving and her ability to think strategically while still paying attention to detail.  Debbie's well rounded, 25 year banking industry background helps her to support her clients from various lines of business.
Lori Patten, Independent Consultant, has been practicing instructional design and development for over 25 years and also has an extensive background in project management and process improvement (Lean Six Sigma). Lori’s project experience with both domestic and global clients includes course design and development, change management, technical and soft skills, as well as rotational programs for high-potential employees in industries including financial services, business consulting, software and medical.
Carol Presar, Independent Consultant, has devoted her career to improving learning organizations. She holds a six sigma green belt and has demonstrated a high proficiency in project management.  Carol is also a creative and experienced instructional designer.