Whether you want a simple one-page job aid, a comprehensive new hire learning program, or anything in between, IDD Consulting can scale the scope of our services to meet your need.  

Needs Analysis: A timely, thorough analysis of the learning need, target audience, and desired new/improved behavior - among other factors - is the cornerstone of an effective learning project.  We dig through the data to ensure we truly understand your problem before we design the solution.
Instructional Design: Based on the needs analysis, we create a highly detailed, comprehensive "blueprint" for the entire learner experience.  The detailed design document includes learning objectives, content, delivery method, and evaluation criteria.  We ensure that all affected parties agree to the design before we start developing the learning materials.  
Program Development: Using the design document as our guide, we will create the learning deliverable(s) and manage the process of reviewing and revising drafts.  If technology is involved, we will test the learning to ensure it flows smoothly.  As needed, we will also conduct training pilots or "train the trainer" sessions prior to launch.
Implementation: Once the materials are finalized, we roll out the program to your learners.  As necessary, we prepare the facilitators, complete all of the logistical arrangements, and verify that all components are in place to provide effective learning. 
Evaluation: After the learning has been implemented, we gather data to analyze the impact on job performance and what can be done to modify future learning in order to improve that performance further.